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The Woman’s Club was founded in 1891 and is dedicated to enriching the community through the promotion of public welfare, education, civic improvement, historic preservation and the advancement of the arts and culture while fostering good fellowship among its members. The Club has served as a social, educational and cultural center throughout its history. It is a place where women and men come together, build relationships, and create community through their service activities.


Arts & Culture
Serving as a social, educational and cultural center.  Speaker Series – The Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove will be offering pre-recorded speaker presentations to our members. These videos are an effort to offer the membership a sense of connectedness with the Club during the pandemic. These videos will be aired at the Club or on Facebook at 1p.m. on the first Thursday of the month. For more information on the Speakers please click HERE. To read the press release click HERE.

Beautification & Backyard Habitat
Serving to enhance the gardens of the Clubhouse Enriching the community through service

Environment Committee
Making an impact in the world today. Please see our new website for the Plastics-Free Initiative Coalition!

 Volunteer Activities
Members joining to help members of the community impacted by the pandemic.

Historic Preservation
Preserving history for generations to come

Human Trafficking & Awareness Prevention (HTAP)
Serves the community by providing information about Human Trafficking

Plastics Free Initiative Coalition
The PFI consists of residents, local business leaders, civic organizations and educational and faith institutions across the state united against the fight against plastic pollution. Please visit the new website at:
Press Release »

Young Artists Gallery
Promoting art education through art scholarships to winners of the annual juried art show for Miami-Dade County public high school students. Learn more here »

Upcoming Event

We're busy planning our next exciting event. Please check back here often for updates and new event information!

McFarlane Society

The McFarlane Society is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the Woman’s Club headquarters. All funds contributed to the McFarlane Society are utilized to support the capital and renovation needs of the headquarters.  A campaign is underway now to raise funds . See more…


Membership in The Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove is open to all. Come join the more than 160 members from all walks of life, with varied perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and different experiences to strengthen our impact in the community. Enjoy the comradery of working together, meeting new people and engaging in causes you believe in. See More…

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Awards & Acknowledgements

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GFWC Florida Federation of Woman’s Clubs

Outstanding Accomplishments
Arts & Culture
Communications/Public Relations
Fundraising & Development
Human Trafficking & Awareness
Legislation-Public Policy
Women’s History & Resource Center
Club Creativity Award for Arts & Culture
Club Creativity Ward for Domestic & Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention
Leads Alternate
Karen Cunningham

GFWC Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs
1st Place
Woman’s Issues & Resource Center
Legislation & Public Policy
2nd Place
Fundraising & Development
3rd Place
International Outreach
Honor Score over 100 points
1st Place
Legislation & Public Policy Creativity

GFWC Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs
1st Place
Legislation & Public Policy
2nd Place
Women’s History & Resource Center
3rd Place
Communications & Public Relations
District 11 Volunteer of the Year
Fan Zhang

1ST Place
Women’s History & Resource Center
Outstanding Membership Growth
2nd Place
Dade Heritage Trust Awards
Camillus House Certificate of Appreciation

City of Miami Proclamation honoring the 125th Anniversary of the founding of the Club
Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce Golden Coconut Award for Community Service
Paws4You Recognition Award

Serving the Community since 1891

Video created by the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove Archives Team
Sandra Riley
Diana Ramos
Karen Cunningham

Proud member of the
General Federation of Women's Clubs